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Professional Certifications

Trained and proficient in accordance of 49 CFR Part 40 on:

  • Urine Specimen Collections
  • Phoenix 6.0 BT Evidentiary Breather Tester
    (BAT-EBT; plus Factory Authorized Operator and Calibration Tech)
  • AlcoScreen 02 & AlcoHawk Precision Testers (STT)

Certification of Hair Specimen Collector

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What We Do

Premier Drug Screening is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  We offer comprehensive testing/screening services to businesses, associations, courts, schools, municipalities, parents and individuals.  Our service portfolio includes:

Workplace Drug Testing
DNA & Paternity Testing
Background Checks
Drug Detection Services
Hair & Follicle Testing
Steroid Testing
Instant On-Site Testing
In-Home Drug Testing

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