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7,500 Teenagers drank alcohol.

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Facility Accreditations


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Professional Certifications

Trained and proficient in accordance of 49 CFR Part 40 on:

  • Urine Specimen Collections
  • Phoenix 6.0 BT Evidentiary Breather Tester
    (BAT-EBT; plus Factory Authorized Operator and Calibration Tech)
  • AlcoScreen 02 & AlcoHawk Precision Testers (STT)

Certification of Hair Specimen Collector

Business Certifications

Georgia Drug-Free Workplace Certified

Georgia Drug-Free Workplace

Corporate Memberships

Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association

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About us

Premier Drug Screening LLC (“Premier”) is a specialty drug/alcohol testing company in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide daily testing/screening services to our vast clientele that includes businesses, federal programs, organizations, courts, individuals and parents.  We also offer to companies background checks and random testing consortium/third-party administrator (C/TPA) services, as well as assistance in implementing a Drug-Free Workplace program.



Premier is proud that it employs collectors that have achieved the Certified Professional Collector® and/or Certified Professional Collector Trainer® designations through the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) Collector Certification Program. This rigorous certification program requires experience in performing specimen collections, training of collection personnel to become proficient in specimen collections for drug/alcohol testing, as well as a comprehensive examination to test the proficiency level of the individual collector. By employing Certified Professional Collectors® and Certified Professional Collector Trainers®, Premier Drug Screening can ensure its clients that specimen collections are performed in a professional and consistent manner, maintaining confidentiality for the donor and security, integrity and control of the specimen.



Premier is officially recognized by DATIA as an Accredited Collection Facility for demonstrating excellence in the specimen collections.  DATIA is the most authoritative organization representing the drug/alcohol testing enterprise.  Accredited status means that this facility, operations and personnel meet the highest standards set by the leaders in the drug and alcohol testing industry.


As an Accredited Collection Facility, Premier has been commended for its dedication to providing its clients with superior and exemplary services.  The Accredited Collection Facility Program involves upholding the highest professional standards in the following two main areas: 1) the facility and its operation and 2) the facility’s personnel. To obtain accredited status, facilities are required to adhere to strict standards in areas such as regulatory compliance, company services standards, specimen handling, operational practices, business ethics, and facility equipment.