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Facility Accreditations


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Professional Certifications

Trained and proficient in accordance of 49 CFR Part 40 on:

  • Urine Specimen Collections
  • Phoenix 6.0 BT Evidentiary Breather Tester
    (BAT-EBT; plus Factory Authorized Operator and Calibration Tech)
  • AlcoScreen 02 & AlcoHawk Precision Testers (STT)

Certification of Hair Specimen Collector

Business Certifications

Georgia Drug-Free Workplace Certified

Georgia Drug-Free Workplace

Corporate Memberships

Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association

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DNA & Paternity Testing

Our DNA testing services are fast, reliable and completely confidential.  Premier Drug Screening is an official specimen collection site to our Accredited DNA Testing Laboratory partner that has provided paternity and relationship tests for thousands of customers and is recognized as a world leader in the science of DNA testing.

We are here to assist with the specimen collection that is a critical part of the stringent chain of custody process.  All DNA samples are collected by one of our certified collectors who is a trained specialist in Court and Immigration DNA Testing requirements to ensure the test results are admissible in a courtroom or by the Immigration authorities.

Glossay of Common Relationship DNA Test Types: 

Paternity DNA Test

Determine who the father is.

Maternity DNA Test

Determine who the mother is.

Full Sibling DNA Test

Determine whether two (or more) individuals share both parents in common.

Half Sibling DNA Test

Determine whether two (or more) individuals share one parent in common.

Duo Grandparentage DNA Test

Determine Grandparentage for grandfather, grandmother and grandchild.

Single Grandparentage Test

Determine Grandparentage for a single grandparent and grandchild.

Aunt/Uncle DNA Test

Determine and Uncle (or Aunt) and Nephew (or Niece) relationship.

1st Cousin DNA Test

Determine whether two (or more) individuals are first cousins.

Twin Zygosity Test

Determine whether twins (or triplets, etc.) are identical or fraternal.